10 Short Term Goals

2020 is definitely a year to remember. This is the year where the whole world took a break because of Covid-19. Singapore went through a period called the ‘Circuit Breaker’. Everything was closed and people were required to stay and worked from home. Children were also not allowed to go to school. Only essential services remained open.

I took this opportunity to ‘do nothing’ because it is not often where the whole world stops and you can afford to do nothing. During this period, I also had the opportunity to think of some short term goals.

Short term goals are things that can be accomplished in less than 2 months. They should be as precise as possible. Bad examples: Start running. This is too vague.


10 Short Term Personal Goals

These are goals I hope to achieve for myself.


1. Blog once a week.

2. Catch up with my family once a week. This includes chatting over the phone or hanging out.

3. Use my phone lesser. No phone during meal times and weekends.

4. Exercise (cycle, roller skate or running) at least once a week with my children.

5. Clean up the mess in the house by August. Sell/throw stuff I am no longer using.

6. Eat lesser junk food (instant noodles) and stop the binge eating at night.

7. Finish a book by end of this year. Need a longer time to accomplish this because I don’t have a habit of reading.

8. Catch up with my friends after Meredith goes to school in August. There are a list of friends whom I need to meet after Meredith goes to school.

9. Take better care of my skin. I am planning to start new skin care products and devices.

10. Stop procrastinating and start working. I have plans of setting my own online business. I have procrastinate for far too long. It is time to put those in actions.


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