This is EXACTLY what my blog is about

So, I have finally decided to start a blog. I was checking out other mommy blogs and looking at their Instagram. I see beautiful kids’ meals and fun DIY activities. And then something hit me, the truth is, I am just not that kind of parent. 

I cannot make heart shaped nuggets or make my kids eat up their veggies in pretty little patties. I also cannot build a castle using recycled materials. It reminded me of my previous Instagram (@thewrapy, now @iamnicoleboo). I started the Instagram featuring all my babywearing photos. My husband and I would plan where to take the kids out for the weekends and we will do our photoshoot at the same time. But this changed after the arrival of my 3rd baby. It was harder for me take outdoor photos without worrying about my toddler running missing or hurting herself. I find myself constantly trying to take that perfect photo, but motherhood isn’t perfect. One day, I decided I have to stop. And I took a break from my own Instagram.



So what EXACTLY is this blog about? 

Parenting can feel like a lonely journey even when you know many others have gone through the same thing. Every mother has their bad days, and that’s ok. I want to keep this blog about motherhood as real as possible, showing the good, the bad and the ugly side of it. To all the mothers out there: You are not alone.


There are only 3 topics in this blog, and this is exactly what this blog is about: 


KIDS – It is (NOT) just about the Kids


Honestly, I give every new mom the same advice. Don’t listen to anybody’s advice. There are so many different opinions and there is no one way to do something. Find someone you trust to bounce ideas and questions off of, but ultimately do what feels right in your heart. – Tiffany Jenkins @jugglingthejenkins 

I am not a professional, and having 3 kids don’t make me an ‘experienced mom’. Every kid is different and with kid(s), every day is different. Don’t just listen to anybody’s advice. I will share some of our daily routines that work in our family. But always remember, every family is different and we should only do things that work for us. 

My husband and I understand the importance that it will always be us before the kids. There should always be a good balance between us and the kids. It’s not just about time-balance, there is also energy-balance. There are many times we do things out of convenience but it keeps our energy in check. In this topic, I will focus more on routines, home and outdoor activities that we do together with the kids.


We are not just going to survive parenthood, we are going to have a whole lot of fun. – Nicole Boo @iamnicoleboo 


MOMMY SELF CARE – It is just about Me


A few changes in the last 10 years: I went from 0 kids to 3 kids, cut my hair from long to boy-short, a divorce to a new relationship. 

Motherhood has changed me immensely. My dad used to tell me, among his 4 children, he worried the least for me. Because I am strong, I figure out things in life, I am a survivor. In many ways I am strong,  independent, resourceful and a tigress mom.

But in other ways, motherhood has also made me weak. I could still remember after I gave birth to my first born. I was on the way home in a cab. Crazy thoughts just rushed through my mind: What if there is a car crashing into us now and my baby die? What if I drop him later and he dies? What if …. Tears came running down my cheeks uncontrollably. I also spent many nights thinking to myself: Have I loved my children enough today? 

Yes, motherhood has also made me weak, but in weakness, I find my true strength. 


Be brave enough to be changed for the better – brave enough to let go of a bit of your old self as you grow into being a newer one – Rick Hanson, PHD


It’s easy to lose yourself in motherhood with the never ending list of demands. I could still remember after I gave birth to my first born, I didn’t brush my hair for the longest time. It got so entangled that the hairdresser had to chop it off. Shortly after my separation, my sister told me: You used to care about yourself. 

Yes, motherhood has changed my life greatly. But being a mother is an attitude. I thank my sister very much for that wake up call as I rediscovered myself. The old me is gone, but the new me is someone wiser and giving.


“The moment you become a mother and commit to caring for your child, set an intention for yourself: I will honor and respect myself by regularly taking care of my needs. This will make me happier and better able to care for my family,” Burton says. “As moms, we have an enormous opportunity to set a great example for our children of how to be kind to ourselves, and in turn, how to be kind to others. As the saying goes, we can’t pour from an empty cup.” Julie Burton @juliebburton

Many times mothers suffer from mom-guilt when they take away some time from their children to practice self-care. You can’t ignore self-care. It’s time to put self-care on your to-do list. I will share some of my simple daily routine and activities that make myself a priority.


One of the reasons why I started this blog was also because I needed a space to write in a free flowing stream-of-consciousness. This helps when I am feeling anxiety creeping in. Things that trigger my anxiety are mainly work, the feeling of ‘I haven’t done enough today’ and when I felt I didn’t handle a situation well with my kid(s) today. I hope you are able to relate to some of my thoughts and know that you are not alone. 

In this topic, I focus more on myself, the things I do to keep myself happy and safe. 


ITCHY BUY – Everyone Loves Shopping

Okay, this was actually my husband’s ideas. This is where I share some of the stuff I bought, usually online. I personally find it therapeutic when I seen others’ unboxing their online loots. Psst, this is one of my self-care routine. 




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