About me and the blog


About me, Nicole


Hi, my name is Nicole and I’m a 30-something years old mother. I have 4 beautiful kids: Konstanz (K), Desiree (D), Meredith (M) and Tristyn (T).


BEING A MOM is an attitude, not a biological relationship






I got married and divorced when I was 24. I became a single parent for about 2 years before I met my current husband, Desmond. Desmond has always been very supportive of what I do. I left my banking job after having M because I couldn’t take the stress at my workplace and also the amount of time taken away to be with my husband and kids. During Covid-19, I started to host group buy out of interest. I started from hosting group buy for a small group of mummies and with the support of Desmond, I started The Nic Pick where I continue to curate quality children’s educational books and toys at an affordable price.


Honestly, I give every new mom the same advice. Don’t listen to anybody’s advice. There are so many different opinions and there is no one way to do something. Find someone you trust to bounce ideas and questions off of, but ultimately do what feels right in your heart. – Tiffany Jenkins @jugglingthejenkins


Why did I start this blog?

One would think as a mum of four, I would have know almost everything about motherhood by now and my body will know how to bounce back each time after birth. The fact is no two births are the same and none of the experiences are similar. But one thing for sure is I can understand and relate to most struggles faced by (new) mothers.

I really struggled before I made the decision to blog about motherhood. I told Desmond about my decision and he was very supportive about it. He even gave me a very good advice. He told me that my blog has to be inspired by my daily life and my life as a mom with four kids. It shouldn’t be something I need to purposefully create and what I shared about my motherhood’s experience need not be perfect, but it has to be authentic. I love the journey of my own motherhood. I hope to be able to inspire moms out there, to love and enjoy their own motherhood.