About me and the blog


About me, Nicole

Hi, my name is Nicole. I am a 30-something years old mother with 3 beautiful kids (age 9, 4 and 20 months old). I am married to the most amazing man in the world. We are currently based in Singapore.

Why is this blog name after myself? I may not be exactly who I am before and that’s ok. I am not going to lose myself in motherhood, I redefined myself and I have found my balance. As busy as a mother can be, I always remind myself to take a breather and take some time off to focus on myself. I Am Nicole Boo suits the blog perfectly, and thus @iamnicoleboo was born.




BEING A MOM is an attitude, not a biological relationship





About the blog

You will find no parenting advices or tips. You will not find any educational activities, food recipes and all the ‘how tos’. It may seem like having 3 kids is easy to me. Well, the thing is, we are all navigating and surviving motherhood. But I don’t want to just survive motherhood, I want to have fun. 


Honestly, I give every new mom the same advice. Don’t listen to anybody’s advice. There are so many different opinions and there is no one way to do something. Find someone you trust to bounce ideas and questions off of, but ultimately do what feels right in your heart. – Tiffany Jenkins @jugglingthejenkins


There are only 3 topics in this blog:



As the name suggests, this topic is kids-only. Making the impossible achievable while having fun and how my husband and I find that balance between the kids and ourselves. 


Self Care

This is all about me and my thoughts, my struggles and how I deal with it, my obsession and addiction. I will share some of the simple self-care routine and activities that make myself a priority.


Itchy Buy

This topic is proudly named by my husband. He said I’m always online shopping or browsing for the next thing to buy. I think it deserves its own category. I will share some of the things I’m looking to buy and the things I bought (Amazon, Taobao, etc), the good, the bad and the weird. The things are usually kids and ME-related (remember, self care).


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Fun Facts

I’m a babywearing addict and I speak Singlish perfectly. I am obsessed with skincare products and gadgets. My favorite food is BBQ chicken wings and Mala Hotpot.